RESIDENTS are being asked to help tackle speeding on a road described as a 'race track'.

Furness councillors Caroline Airey and Ben Cooper are appealing for help to tackle the issue along stretches of the Coast Road (A5087) after receiving numerous complaints in recent weeks and months.

The road is infamous for being the scene of a number of collisions ending in fatalities and serious injuries.

A short survey sent out to those living in the villages along the Coast Road will ask to help identify the worst stretches of the road for speeding, and how they think this could be addressed.

From reducing the current speed limits to establishing local community speed-watch groups or installing vehicle-activated signs which light up at speeding drivers, all views are welcome, and all options are on the table.

Commenting, Cllr Ben Cooper said: “We have heard from many people in recent weeks, voicing their concerns about speeding on the Coast Road. There is a real concern that the problem is only going to get worse if nothing is done. We want to find out where the worst stretches are for speeding, and what residents want to see to help tackle this. Together, working with our local villages and communities, we can make a real difference towards making our roads safer”.

The move to tackle Coast Road speeding comes after the Conservative councillors partnered with Furness MP, Simon Fell, to rollout the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign across the villages of Low and Mid Furness in recent weeks.

Mr Fell said: “Speeding from anti-social motorists is becoming an increasing problem on our rural roads. Some motorists treat the Coast Road as some sort of race track. It’s reckless, and irresponsible. Local residents tell me that they’ve had enough of it, and I’m looking forward to collating the responses from our survey to make the case for mitigation against such driving on the Coast Road.”

Residents are invited to make their views heard and share their concerns about speeding on the Coast Road, and across Furness, by either writing to Mr Fell at his constituency office, or via email at or to email Cllr Cooper at