Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes endless events of all levels of spookiness. From haunted houses to pumpkin picking, October is a month you can be kept busy with different events.

And nothing screams spooky Halloween event than an old, cold castle tour.

If you want to suitable scare yourself on Halloween we’ve put together the castle events being held in Cumbria this year.

Halloween Festival at Muncaster Castle

Muncaster Castle is said to be one of Britain’s most haunted castles. Visitors complain of disturbed nights, door handles moving and even hearing the sounds of a child crying.

According to its website, the little girl could be Margaret Pennington, who died in childhood at the Castle.

This year Muncaster Castle is hosting a Halloween Festival from October 23 to October 31. The week will consist of a Scart Maze, fire juggling shows, alchemy workshops, kids crafts in the Ghostly Grotto and axe throwing (axe throwing only on weekends and for over 18s).

So, if you’re going to go somewhere spooky, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Muncaster Castle!

You can buy tickets to the Halloween Festival at Muncaster Castle here.

Ghost Tours at Carlisle Castle

Nothing says Halloween like ghost tours, in a castle no less. And Carlisle Castle has you sorted with spooky ghost tours from October 28 to October 31.

Tours begin at 7pm and 8:30pm as you join storytellers on a journey of ghost tales, supernatural sightings and horrid stories of the past.

Book your tickets for ghost tours at Carlisle Castle here.