A DETECTORIST from Dalton has expressed his relief as his long-awaited book has finally been released.

Graeme Rushton, of Unearthed UK, is hoping that this complete guide for metal detectors will bring in even more people to one of the fastest growing hobbies in the UK.

The successful detectorist has seen some of his finds including incredibly rare medieval coins sell for thousands of pounds at auction and now he is sharing his wisdom with the world in 'A Guide to Metal Detecting'.

"We have had to put in an order for another batch from the publishers because we have already sold so many on our website," Mr Rushton said.

"When I was told last week that it was going ahead in the next few days, I thought, I have waited for so long for this date, I can wait a few more days.

"I am just pleased and relieved that it has finally arrived."

The release was supposed to happen last year but due to Covid it was held back.

The book includes some of Graeme’s personal triumphs such as finding a Saxon gold pendant and much more.

Copies are available for purchase on the Unearthed UK website.