SCHOOL leaders are 'blown away' after winning a fight to relocate crossing warning signs after a number of near accidents.

Ireleth St Peter's C of E School in Kirkby Road, Askam, launched a petition to move 'school crossing' warning signs to clearer, more prominent locations after a number of near misses - including an incident in December when three pedestrians were nearly hit by a car.

The school parliament - which is made up of representatives from each year group - rallied behind the cause with the help of staff, parents and the local community.

Jacqui Wright, School Parliament lead, described the road as 'currently dangerous' for the children, families and staff who use it.

She said: "We've had a few incidents of near misses, including one in December where a car nearly hit children and their families who were using the zebra crossing.

"Cars often fly up the hill and don't realise there's a school on the other side.

"Hopefully by moving the signs to a more prominent location, drivers will take the time to slow down which will make pupils feel safer."

Despite the petition only reaching 176 signatures, a spokesman for Cumbria County Council confirmed on Monday that the signs will be moved to a 'more suitable place'.

He said: "We are aware of the petition and highways department now identifying the most suitable place to relocate the signage."

Miss Wright described the news as 'absolutely incredible', praising the pupils for getting behind the issue.

"It's absolutely incredible. We're blown away with the news," she said.

"The children are going to be so proud of themselves for achieving this.

"I'm so proud of the school parliament who have got behind this issue. The community has really got behind this issue to create a safer environment for pupils and families.

"This will make children and families feel much safer by giving drivers the opportunity to adjust their speed accordingly whilst approaching the school.

"I can't take ownership of this result - it was a school, staff and community effort.

"Hopefully this will prevent any future accidents and drivers will slow down."