A LEADING independent pop group from Holland have been in Barrow.

Pip Blom paid a surprise visit to TNT records, Barrow.

The popular Dutch group called in on the owner of TNT records, Dave Turner after it was recommended they pay a visit.

Unfortunately the band had to postpone some dates of their tour due to a band member falling sick, but the band still came to Barrow to check out the Duke Street vinyl specialists.

TNT records, owner, Dave Turner said it was an absolutely brilliant experience.

He said: “When I saw them come into the store I was like ‘I recognise them, that’s Pip Blom.’

“I knew they were planning on doing a gig in the town but didn’t know they’d turn up at the store so it was a nice surprise.

“They were blown away by the off chance that we were blasting out one of their tracks just as they walked into the shop!

“I showed them and their manager around the store and they were really impressed, especially with the band rehearsal room, where we had someone practising.”

Dave said he spent a good 45 minutes chatting to the band organising an indoor exclusive event at the store for when the band will be returning on Saturday, November 13. On that day visitors will be able to catch Pip Blom signing copies of their brand-new album, ‘Welcome Break’, which will be released just the day before.

Dave said: “I wanted to support and purchase a load of t-shirts before they came back but they didn’t have any with them which was a shame but we are going to put shirts and other merchandise up for people to buy on the 13th.”

“We’ve had a lot of famous bands and people in before that have mentioned us on their social and on Radio One in passing conversation.

“It’s great how we are getting into the corner of the universe.

“They were all really nice and good to chat with. One of the drummers purchased a Carol King record but I couldn’t charge her as I was like ‘you’ve come all this way to see us there is no way I’m charging you.”

Pip Blom will be perfroming at Barrow Underground Music Society on Saturday, Novemeber 13. Tickets are on sale here with only a few left available. 

For more information visit facebook.com/TNTrecordsBarrow