WHAT is your favourite type of chocolate?

We have been asking what Cumbria’s most popular chocolate treat is. Here is what our readers picked.

1. Galaxy

Ever noticed that a lot of chocolates are named after space?

The popular milky galaxy chocolate received two nominations from The Mail readers.

Mason Matingham said: "Galaxy is by far the best."

Lucy Bennginton said: "My favourite is Galaxy bars."

2. Milky Bar

One of the most popular white chocolates on the market, Milky Bay has been on our shelves since 1936.

With the iconic milky bar kid as its mascots, it has earned its popularity around Cumbria.

James Fordman said: "Milky Bar is a good one. Underrated as well."

3. Dairy Milk Caramel

The caramel bar from one of the UK's most popular brands of chocolate.

Producing various variations of its chocolate bars, its caramel bars earned their place as one of Cumbria's favourites.

Susan Salamone said: "The Dairy Milk Caramel bar is my kids favourite. Always has to be the caramel one."

4. Yorkie

The Yorkie bar is a Nestlé chocolate and was originally made by York, UK-based company Rowntree's.

Ideal for a snack during a long day.

Phil Richardson said: "Yorkie is my favourite."

5. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

One of the few chocolates that would actually pass as a birthday present on its own.

Terry's Chocolate Orange was created by Terry's in 1932 at Terry's Chocolate Works in York. The brand has changed ownership several times, and production was moved to Eastern Europe in 2005.

Paul Smith said: "A good old fashioned Chocolate Orange."