A woman sets up her fourth stall in the market selling cards and occasional gifts.

Barrow born and bred resident, Wendy Gunning opened Lillydot cards last Friday, September 10 selling all items to do with occasions: gift bags, balloons, soft toys and much more.

Wendys friend of 17 years, Sharon Walton helps out at the stall when needs be alongside Wendy’s three other stalls: Sweet Floral Paradise which she co-own's, Wool Barr and Pets Paradise which have been up and running in the market for quite some time.

Sharon said setting up this new business is the best thing Wendy has done.

“This opportunity arose because the original card shop moved to a shop on Cavendish Street. Wendy saw an opportunity and jumped on it.

“The name came about during the first lockdown where Wendy sadly lost her mum, Dorothy hence the second part of the stall name and she has a little poodle who she loves called Lilly so put them together and came up with LillyDot – it’s a really nice name behind a lovely stall.”

Sharon met Wendy when her father in law had a stall in the market 17 years ago, when Sharon who is originally from North Yorkshire had no friends in the area and Sharon had no siblings they became good friends and hit it off.

Sharon said: “Wendy has done amazingly well, I am very proud of her.

“Wendy knew what she’s doing as she use to be the manager of birthdays.

“She’s had amazing feedback since opening from people saying how cheerful it is."