THE official trailer of an upcoming biopic about one of Barrow's biggest stars has been released.

The film trailer for 'The Phantom of the Open' has been released - less than a month until the biopic is due to make its worldwide premiere.

The biopic, set to be released in cinemas on November 5, depicts the life of Barrow crane driver Maurice Flitcroft, a dreamer and unrelenting optimist who managed to gain entry to the British Open Golf Championship despite having never played a round of golf.

The leading role is played by Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance was shown the sights of Furness to help prepare the 61-year-old for the part.

Born in Manchester in 1929, Flitcroft captured the public’s attention by becoming known as ‘the world’s worst golfer’ - achieving a score of 121 in a qualifier of the 1976 open championship.

He became known for entering competitions under various ridiculous names and came away with outlandishly high scores.

Flitcroft lived in Barrow with his wife Jean where he became a crane operator and died in 2007.

His son James spoke to the film creators and spent time with Rylance himself last September in the lead up to filming.

Watch the trailer here.