BARROW Police has confirmed that they are aware of a video that made threats against a Barrow School.

A video was posted to video sharing site YouTube.

The video is said to have made threats against Furness Academy, a secondary school that is located on Park Drive.

Police are assuring the public that there is "no threat".

They said that the matter is being "treated seriously" and is being investigated under the Malicious Communications Act.

A statement by Barrow Police addressing the YouTube video said: "The Constabulary is aware of a video posted to Youtube regarding threats made against Furness Academy in Barrow, which is causing concern in the community.

"We thank those who contacted the police to report the video.

"Following enquiries we can assure the public there is no threat.

"However, the matter is being treated seriously and investigated under the Malicious Communications Act.

"We would remind everyone that posting such messaging online can not only cause unnecessary anxiety and alarm but can also have serious consequences for the person responsible for the message. Thank you."