READERS have had their say about Brexit, lack of food in restaurants and empty shelves in supermarkets.

A range of major UK supermarkets, restaurants and pubs have been warning customers of food shortages due to a delivery crisis.

McDonald’s, Nando’s, Costa Coffee and KFC are all among those who have warned customers of certain products being out of stock.

Meanwhile, Tesco, Asda and other major supermarkets have been left with empty shelves as food shortages hit Britain.

Neil Probert said: "The negative effects of Brexit will take time to resolve; a lack of labour in the leisure, agricultural and transport sectors, taxes on imported and exported goods and restrictions of taking out citizenship and buying property in EU countries."

Barrow Insider said: "Look at all the overpaid chief execs of these huge chains making excuses. Find a solution or take a pay cut.

"What a bunch of wingers. McDonald's can't even make a milkshake - it's not that difficult!"

Nondumvetus said: "There are shortages caused by logistics across Europe at the moment, yet the poor anti-Brexit loons still cling to their fantasies. People are risking their and their children's lives to break into "Brexit Britain" rather than stay in Europe."

Grumpyoldbiker said: "Driving in this country has been made so unpleasant, stressful and dangerous in the last twenty years who would want to do it for a living?

"As a young man I drove all around central London in the 1980s and Manchester in the 1990s, I'm glad I don't have to do it now."

Kerry Ann Burns said: "Huge possibilities for the UK to to gets its act together."

Michael Vandom said: "Seems all this locally sourced product wasn't so locally sourced!

"Brexit has had its desired affect already with massive wage increase unemployment rates should be plummeting there 1.6million people out of work and 1.2million jobs up for grabs."