A WINDERMERE woman has been named as employee of the month by the popular Fizzy Tarte bar.

Diaconescu Florina, also known as Flori, 33, has worked at the bar for the last four years and was named as their employee of the month for August.

The Romanian born employee credits her achievement to the support and love she receives from her colleagues. She also described the enjoyment she found in working in Windermere.

She said: “This job wouldn’t be what it is without the commitment and love from all my colleagues, and from the customers themselves as well.

“So, I want to do my best for them as well by just being me and doing my best.

“I’m happy when the guests are happy."

Flori said she always tried to put herself in the shoes of the customers so she could work out what type of service they would want.

“I treat them how I would want to be treated," she said.

“I started working for this company on March 24, 2017, so it’s been four years and four months so far.

“I’m still happy to be working here.

“It is only my second job being in England but I’ve really been enjoying it.

“This is the first time I’ve been named as employee of the month and I wouldn’t have got it without the amazing support from all my friends and colleagues at the great place.

“Bowness-on-Windermere is such a wonderful place to live and work, and being so close to so many bars and hospitality businesses made things much easier for me.

“I don’t really care much about the title because it's more about how I feel about my own work, my mental health, my friends and their mental health, and just doing my best.

“But it is nice to be noticed for it.

“Since we reopened in April our company encountered a few issued because of the lockdown. But of course, that was the same for most businesses in the area.

“Helping my colleagues as a team member I just want to put in the best I can for them and do what I can. I’m just me and that’s all I want to be.

“I'm quite good at multi-tasking and am willing to cover shifts for others to make sure everyone gets some time off.”