THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, decided to try out a popular Chinese takeaway in Barrow.

I got the takeaway from Lee's Chinese Takeaway based on Ainslie Street.

I decided to give Lee's a whirl after they came highly recommended to me.

I like all takeaway food, but Chinese is my usual go-to.

In my order I had chips, a mixed meat curry, noodles and egg fried rice.

I bought all of this for £11.60, and was pleasantly surprised at the fantastic sized portions.

It has a cracking sized bag of chips and the mixed meat curry was full to the brim in the container.

When you order a portion of something, that is what you want - this was a proper portion!

It's definitely a treat - what an absolute feast it was.

First I tasted the curry sauce which was beautiful.

It had a nice bit of background heat which was lovely, and the sauce is not too sweet.

Next up was the meat. The chicken was very soft, it was gorgeous.

The pork was also fantastic, working with the flavour of the curry sauce.

The prawns are beautifully cooked. They are not rubbery in any way.

The flavours are balanced beautifully in the mixed meat curry.

Thee chips were so tasty.

Sometimes you can get chips from takeaways that are really hard and have been sat in a warmer for a long time, but these are absolutely perfect.

The noodles were also really lovely, and the egg fried rice is well seasoned so you don't need to add any more salt to this.

The generous portion sizes means that it will easily give you two decent sized meals - more than enough for two people for the price of £11.60.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this food at all.

Lee's Chinese Takeaway has been given top marks from me for this meal.

It was simply a gorgeous takeaway meal.

I would definitely recommend this takeaway to anyone, it's a good one.

I particularly enjoyed the curry sauce, it's beautiful.

It's not too hot, it's just right for me.

It's not too sweet - it sits just where I like it, absolutely gorgeous.

There is nothing to fault in this meal at all.

If you're looking for a good place to order a Chinese takeaway from then give them a shot at Lee's, they are really lovely.

You can order from Lee's Chinese Takeaway by visiting the shop at 45 Ainslie Street, or by dialling 01229 832782.

Lee's is open from Thursday-Sunday, 5pm-11pm.

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