Students from the University of Manchester were unable to identify Barrow on a map during a question on last night’s University Challenge.

The popular BBC quiz show, hosted by Jeremy Paxman, saw the students presented with a map with three locations pinpointed on it.

They were asked to name the three towns with significant working shipyards, with the first being Barrow.

The Mail:

After a lengthy debate, which saw the students deliberate between Kendal and Lancaster, they settled on Kendal.

“That’s the Lake District,” said one.

“Is that near Lancaster?” said another.

“It’s not Kendal, I don’t know just go for that,” said another.

Irving submitted the answer Kendal, to which Paxman replied: “No that’s Barrow-in-Furness.

“It’s known for the production of nuclear submarines.”

The team, who were up against the University of Exeter, had no luck with the other two locations which were Birkenhead and Middlesbrough.

Exeter eventually clinched the win with 130 points to Manchester’s 80.