WALKERS in the Lake District should read the excellent information available but 'pass through the inexperienced phase first.'

After a warning given by Patterdale Mountain Rescue, readers have shared their experiences of fell walking in the Lakes.

Mr G said: "How do you get to be an experienced hill walker without passing through the inexperienced phase first?"

Grumpyoldbiker said: "Quite right Mr G.  I was inexperienced once. Thankfully I had the benefit of instruction from Unit Expedition Leaders in the Armed Forces. Yomping over the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia was not much fun at the time I recall but grateful now."

Helmers said: "Being inexperienced doesn't prevent you from reading all the excellent advice that is available. That way you can learn a certain amount safely. It just seems like common sense to me."

Mr Teatime said: "I'll never forget my mate's stag do when we camped at Side Farm and did Hellvelyn from Glenridding.

"It was a gloriously hot day in August and we all had t-shirts and shorts on but each of us also had a day sack in which was a bivvy bag, compass, water, OS map etc. I appreciate that some may see this as overkill, but if you've ever been on the fells when the weather changes and the clouds descend you would probably understand why.

"Being August there was a queue to get along Striding Edge and the woman in front of me was carrying her toddler and wearing Crocs. We chatted at the summit and their entire party had no gear that would have helped them if the worst had happened. Their entire philosophy seemed to be, "we're on holiday and it's sunny; what could possibly go wrong?"

"Under-informed people like this are why the Mountain Rescue Services are so overstretched."