THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, decided to head to Happy Days Kitchen to try out their take on the classic dish of burger and chips.

Happy Days Kitchen is the creation of a talented young couple who during the lockdown's in the coronavirus pandemic decided to cook roast dinners for themselves and their family.

They did that much of a good job of it that they then decided that they should go into business together.

The couple opened a takeaway place on Scott Street in Barrow.

I had heard about the takeaway from Instagram, after someone told me to get myself down there - and that's what I've done!

I decided that I'd try out 'The Classico' - a handmade 8oz steak burger with maple bacon, smoked cheddar, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato and red onion, finished off with the house barbecue sauce.

The Classico also came with beer battered onion rings and a side of chips.

All of the food is home made - apart from the chips.

It's restaurant quality food from a takeaway, and it's freshly made.

The first thing I tried was the burger.

It was absolutely beautiful, a heavenly sensation in the mouth.

They get the steak meat for the 9oz patty from a local butcher and it is really well seasoned. Absolutely gorgeous.

Next up to try were the beer battered onion rings, and the batter was really tasted and lovely with a very audible crunch.

Last but not least were the chips.

Me being me, I would have liked to see hand made chips, with peeled spuds and twice, or maybe three times fried.

But the chips are still tasty and that is all that matters.

Overall, the star of the show had to be the burger. That really was lovely.

I'm not normally a massive lover of barbecue sauce, but this is all homemade and what a difference it makes.

The sauce goes together with the cheese.

For a burger, it is all just a partnership made in heaven.

The burger is definitely a messy one, but it is lovely

All together this meal was £10.50.

Me being old fashioned, I like to have a big plate of chips, but the burger makes up for it.

I would recommend The Classico and if you want a takeaway in Barrow, especially a good burger, get yourself down to Happy Days Kitchen.

Menu's for Happy Days can be found on Facebook and Instagram - showing off their selection of breakfast foods, burgers, roasts and more.

To place an order, you can contact them on Snapchat by adding HappyDays4581, or by contacting them on: 07731754897.

Happy Days can also be found on Barrow Eats, with a minimum spend of £10.

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