THIS week I, Bald Foodie Guy, headed to May's Thai Treats on Walney Island for a taste of authentic Thai Food.

May is a lovely lady who is working from out of her own home. She delivers and she puts them in local shops in the area.

I'd heard a lot of good stories about this food and I'd been dying to try it.

I got Thai Green Chicken Curry, Thai Red Chicken Curry, Thai Yellow Chicken Curry, Spicy Thai Basil Chicken and Thai Panang Chicken Curry - all with jasmine rice.

They are a good weight, there's plenty of food in them.

The meals are £4.50 each and take four and a half minutes in the microwave to heat up.

The first dish I tried was the Thai Panang Chicken Curry.

It smelt absolutely divine.

The spices are very subtle and mild with the coconut milk. The chicken is moist and tender. It is all cooked fresh.

I got a bit of heat on the back end of my palette. It's not instant though, it comes in waves.

The Thai Panang is sensational.

Next up was the Spicy Thai Basil Chicken.

It was a lovely portion and tasted divine. The flavours are gorgeous - they are absolutely fantastic, I can't explain.

If you like your Thai food, give this a go.

There's a bit of heat in that but it is absolutely perfect.

Next in the taste test was the Thai Red Chicken Curry.

The chicken is beautiful. It is so, so moist.

The flavours are so good as well, they are so tasty.

The vegetables are well-cooked. They are absolutely lovely.

I don't know any more superlatives to say about that - absolutely divine"

The heat is there as well being a red curry. That is my cup of tea.

The Thai Yellow Chicken Curry contains chicken breast pieces in creamy coconut milk with Thai yellow curry paste with potatoes, onions, and mixed sweet peppers.

It's a cracking portion and the flavours just lap over your tongue like waves. They are beautiful and so subtle.

The potato is infused with all the flavours, soaked up into the potato - it's like a sponge.

You're eating that potato and it's so soft, and you're getting all those flavours coming back at you. It is gorgeous.

It's a lot more mellow than the heat of the red one.

The Thai Green Chicken Curry is creamy, coconutty, silky definitely tasty.

The rice is sticky as well.

The Thai Green is the winner here -winner winner, chicken dinner!

This food is authentic and May is a lovely Thai lady.

She does this food absolutely faultlessly.

To summarise, it has got top marks from me, is highly praised and is one to recommend.

The food was tasty and great value for money.

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