READERS have welcomed a councillor's calls to reclaim a walking and cycling route between Northscale and Barrow across Walney Channel.

Councillor Les Hall expressed concerns about the safety of the path and wants something to be done to ensure continued use of the route.

G Peter Rutter said: "More chance of it being knocked down now someone has brought it to light."

Des Barlow said: "I am waiting for a serious accident to happen,the tides come in and out leaving environmental deposits that could cause slippy situations especially for cyclists and persons with disabilities.

"I agree it would be great if the centre span could be repaired and give walkers whether locals or visitors the opportunity to do a circular walk. I as a North Walney councillor have raised this issue in the past and finance

has been used for not taking this further.

"Let’s hope in the future that any problems can be sorted.I have on behalf of North Scale Residents improved the village entrance,which is not too far from this crossing issue. Visitors have stopped me and said that they would have liked to cross Walney Channel at this point."

Christina Howker said: "Thoroughly behind Mr Hall on this. It has the potential to be a really useful route with a little work. Plus it lends a unique selling point and bit of a wow factor to the coastal route."

Lorraine Huddart said: "I doubt it would ever be cycle friendly but I am all for repairing this pathway. If nothing else is it of historical interest."

Dave Castree said: "Yes reclaim the walk that the Tide had taken from us."