BARROW Bluebirds boss Mark Cooper remains hopeful that lessons can be learned following the club's defeat at the hands of Southport.

After Saturday's 2-1 pre-season friendly defeat to Southport at The Pure Stadium, the Bluebird manager described how he hopes this match will act as 'a wake-up call' for the team ahead of the season.

The Barrow manager was left unhappy with the way the match started but said that it could act as a reminder to the players about the importance of doing the basics well.

Cooper said during a post-match interview: "It’s disappointing to lose any game and we started terribly being two-nil down in the first few minutes.

"We couldn’t get out of our penalty area in the first few minutes, it then hit the crossbar and we’re two-nil down just like that.

"Sometimes it’s good because it shows us how we’re supposed to start our games, and you can’t start any game of football like that.

"If you don’t do the basics right that is what we can happen.

"We had a lot of chances but we gave the opposition something to hold on to.

"So, in a way I’m pleased that we have done that now and not next Saturday, and it’s a little bit of a wake-up call for us.

"When you set out to be a football team you sometimes forget you need to do the basis, in terms you have to fight, you have to scrap, and get the ball clear.

"As well as that you’ve got to do all the horrible things to work out what kind of team you are and sometimes you forget that.

"Today was a reminder for us that needs to happen."

Cooper is also in the process of deciding who will be in his starting line-up on Saturday.

He added: "I’d said to the players yesterday that nothing is decided.

"We have a few injuries at the moment but nothing is decided. They play themselves in and play themselves out.

"If we play some decent football that's all you need. But when you’re two-nil down you have to get back in the game somehow.

"Some bits were good during the game. Ollie Banks was good and scored a great goal.

"This game really gave us a stark reminder.

"I think I know vaguely but there's a long way to go and seven days is a long time in football.

"Tom at the moment has got a brace on his knee and a partial tear. He could be out for a little while but luckily he didn't rupture it. James Jones starts on Monday.

"We're always looking for the right players and trying to get them to come to Barrow."