A TRIATHLETE stole the hearts of a nation when she took home Bermuda’s first Olympic gold medal in Tokyo.

Flora Duffy, whose dad hails from Barrow, produced a stunning performance at Odaiba Marine Park, dominating the 10 kilometres run and crossing the line more than a minute ahead of Britain’s Georgia Taylor-Brown in second.

The Barrovian family of the 33-year-old have been 'mega excited' for the athlete.

“It’s been a heck of a lot of pressure for five years,” said Duffy, who became Bermuda’s first female Commonwealth Games champion in 2018.

“I would never recommend being an Olympic favourite for five years.

“I think the whole of Bermuda is going crazy. That’s what makes it so special to me is that, yes, this was my dream, but I also knew it was bigger than me. I’m just proud I could be Bermuda’s first gold medallist, first female medallist, and hopefully inspire everyone back home that this is possible.”

God Save The Queen rang out for Duffy’s triumph, and she has plenty of links to Britain, with her mother hailing from Burnley and her father Charlie Duffy from Barrow.

Flora's auntie Anne Reed , who still lives in Park Drive, Barrow said that when she was out walking the dog after her win she was being stopped by people in the park offering their congratulation on her niece’s win.

Still spinning with elation, Mrs Reed said she was “mega excited” and revealed that the Olympic champion has even been to Park Drive pool for training as well as braving the Furness weather to cycle and run.

Her dad Charlie Duffy said: “I am pretty happy I can say. There was about 500 people in the pub watching her here in Bermuda, and I was too nervous to go until I saw her come out of the water from the swim.

“She desperately wanted to win the Olympic gold, and this will probably be her last one, so it was a perfect way to bow out.”