A BARROW man on a tour of a Premier League football stadium found himself being thrown out after getting inside the team's bath. 

Rocky Scott Thomson, who was visiting the Arsenal Emirates stadium, took the 'once in a life time' opportunity to take a quick dip in the player's bath.

The only thing he didn't take account of was how cold the water was. 

Rocky said: "I was on a tour of the grounds but it's not actually a guided tour so you can just walk round.

"There were marshals at little stop offs around though.

"I just went in and thought it's once in a life time so why not. 

"I didn't know it was that cold, so wouldn't have got in if I'd known. Or maybe not, I definitely would have.

"You can take the boy out of Ormsgill but not the Ormsgill out of the boy.

Mr Thomson filmed his time in the changing room and was later escorted from the premises. 

He was told by a member of marshal's that a member of staff would be sacked over his entry of the changing rooms. 

He added: "I feel awful for him (staff member). I'd like to start a petition for him to stop him getting sacked. 

"It wasn't his fault and it's awful that they would sack him. 

"I thought you only live once and you don't get this every day. I like to grab life by both hands. Like a goal keeper. 

"They just escorted me off the grounds and told me to leave, that was that. The only thing left was the tour of the pitch side so I missed that."