BARROW Raiders are continuing to push the success of their marquee this weekend with a new event brought in yesterday and today for residents to enjoy.

Raiders faced criticism earlier this week after a noise complaint of their beer garden led to a licence review following the Euro 2020 events, but they have refused to let that stop them from putting on great events for the people of Barrow, including 'Party in the Marquee' and the screening of the first test of the British and Irish lions against South Africa today.

"People have been given 28 days to make representations to the licence representatives," Raiders chairman Steve Neale said.

"But our licence remains unaffected until we hear otherwise.

"The complaints were around people leaving the premises.

"There is no issue at all around continuing to run events, but we will be asking our customers to leave from the other side so that our neighbours are less likely to be disturbed.

CHAIRMAN: Steve Neale

CHAIRMAN: Steve Neale

"We are conscious of our neighbours but we want to want to remain avenue people want to come to. So, we are concerned by their complaints and we want to be respectful of them."

He has previously said the club would work with the council and had devised an 'action plan' going forward, with the club due to 'quieten down', but admitted they cannot control what customers do once they have left the venue.

The 'Party in the Marquee' event does not require booking and will be ongoing from 1pm until 10pm today.

Mr Neale is hopeful that they can continue to put on their highly popular events.