READERS have discussed 'dangerous' parking in the Lake District after Cumbria Police issued a warning.

Last Saturday, Lake District towns such as Bowness and Ambleside saw drivers ignore parking restrictions, but one reader has explained why this may be the case.

They said: "Let's be honest, where are they supposed to park? If all car parks are full, the tourists/visitors are not going to turn around and go home. Extraordinary times need solutions.

"If I had a field I would try to use it for overspill parking, I assume the day visitors would pay a reasonable rate to park without being hassled.

"Covid has unintentional consequences, we need to recognise this, and be solution focused. Hopefully (fingers crossed) the pandemic knock on effects are temporary."

Another reader commented: "It's not ok to block roads, at anytime.

"Just wait until the visitors in motorhomes and RVs hit the area in force.

"They take up at least two parking spaces and judging by the one I saw trying to negotiate a pack horse bridge aren't too clued up about driving in Cumbria!

"I know it's a revolutionary idea, but if you go somewhere and you can't park, you could go somewhere else," one reader said.

"There's a useful page on the National Park website showing how full the various car parks are."

A Cumbria Police spokesman said: "With people visiting the Lakes this summer, we would like to remind drivers to park responsibly.

"The weekend transpired with incidents of people parking dangerously in areas such as Borrowdale, Bowness and Ambleside.

"Please use designated car parks and parking bays. We would advise you research these before you make your journey.”

“If you park your vehicle and it is blocking a road, regardless of if there are yellow lines or not, then that is both dangerous and inconsiderate and you may be committing an offence."