Readers have their say after more than 200 people in the Barrow borough caught Covid-19 in a week.

Barrow Borough Council has released new statistics which revealed that 206 people in the Barrow Borough caught Covid-19 in the week ending Friday, July 9.

A total of 5,142 people had been confirmed as testing positive in Barrow on July 16.

Donna Rodgers said: "It’s life now we have to live with it, once everyone has had a vaccination it will come to be like the flue, we have to live with it and get on, look at the positives and not the negatives.

"I’m beginning to think that SOME people want lock down permanently, well unfortunately we can’t, we have just got to get on with it and each individual take responsibility for there own caution."

Emily Jane said: "We really need to move on, it's been such a rough 18 months and we have to accept that covid could be here to stay!

"Scare mongering is becoming tiresome.

"Most people now are vaccinated, have had covid or are immune. We cannot keep going round in circles.

"As long as people use their brains and do what's right for them, we will be okay! This is life now for the foreseeable, so we just need to crack on with life and not live in fear!"

Mary Kite said: "Course they did, it was the football, more people were mingling."

Alex Rayment said: "This a trick question? Long covid. 60% of hospitalisations are in the double vaccinated.

"New variants. Just because the Government is trying to trick people the pandemic is over doesn't mean it is."

Carol Ann Fleming said: "The empty shops are a concern. People will only do what they are happy with where covid is concerned."

Peter Sullivan said: "Caught Covid", when most won't have any symptoms, but merely tested positive from a test which detects minutes traces from many months previous and also gives false readings."

Janet Moore said: "What I want to know how many of them needed hospital stay or died."