Readers voiced their opinions after Barrow bid farewell to a popular jewellery chain on Wednesday, June 30.

Wednesday marked the last day of Pandora’s presence in the town’s Portland Walk after five years trading in the town centre.

It is the fifth shop in the shopping centre to close its door in the last year, following departures from department store Debenhams, confectioners Thorntons and fashion retailers Topshop and River Island.

Yvonne Tippett said: “I don’t know why they closed, always looks clean, lovely windows. Glad to hear all staff got new jobs.”

Rebecca Palfreyman said: “We still need a pound bakery – that would be the perfect place.”

John Price replied: “100 per cent agree, love the one in Blackpool.”

Jack Oldham said: “What’s more important is that all the staff have got new jobs to go to.

“I’ve been lucky enough to get one of them.”

Jamie Jones said: “Shocker. What’s gonna replace it – a charity shop?”

Jean Wilson said: “Just another empty shop its such a shame.”

Brian Sinclair said: “Never went in there, wont miss it. Over-rated costume cheapness.”

Donna Marie Woodburn said: “Overpriced.”

David Coulthurst said: “Where will I get birthday/Xmas/anniversary/Valentine’s gifts now for the next 25 years?”

Sandra Smith said: “Sad.”

Carol Richardson said: “I won’t miss it. No not really. Never been to be honest.”

Nicola Ann said: “Pandora won’t do well in this town.

"It’s poverty stricken.”

Linda Thomas replied: “The town isn’t poverty stricken, Pandora is closing down everywhere.”

Ian Rainford responded: “There’s certain amounts of unemployment in every town in the country. We aren’t that bad.

“The shipyard and Kimberly Clarke’s are struggling to get people in.

"I guess there’s others as well.”