A BUSINESS boss hailed the 'incredible' turnout of the public to mark Record Store Day on Saturday.

Queues were visible outside TNT Records in Barrow's Duke Street from the get-go.

Record Store Day saw more than 200 independent record shops across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture.

Special vinyl releases were made exclusively for the day and many shops hosted performances and events in order to mark the occasion.

Dave Turner, owner of TNT Records, said: "As we were opening, people were still joining the back of the queue.

"We went out the back for a quick fag before we opened and I could see the line going right the way back, tail-ending by the Izgara restaurant.

"It was mental.

"It was dead busy all day.

"I knew there'd be a little bit of a turnout because of people letting me know early doors [but] I did not expect that.

"The turnout was incredible."

Mr Turner, 36, said visitors to the shop on the day included people from Liverpool, Warrington and Leeds.

Outside the shop, talented musician George Elsbury kept people entertained with his singing and his guitar and harmonica-playing.

The team at TNT Records took teas and coffees out to people in the queue and served bacon buns.

Mr Turner said the world needed days such as this after 'the last 12 months we have had'.

"I think people are less reluctant to go out now," said the record store boss.