A SUCCESSFUL businesswoman that has been in Barrow Market Hall for 10 years has attributed the community aspect as the reason she hopes to be there for another 10 years.

Andrea Scraggs of Discount Footwear and Fascinators started off her venture selling jewellery and fascinators 10 years ago and kept expanding until she found herself amalgamating with the shoe shop in which she currently resides.

"It has a great atmosphere in the market, and everyone is very friendly," she said.

"The staff are brilliant as well as they are very helpful.

"That community atmosphere is something that has kept me here for all these years and I have enjoyed my 10 years here thoroughly, and I hope to be here for another 10 years.

MARKET: Discount Footwear and Fascinators

MARKET: Discount Footwear and Fascinators

"We would be lost without our market here in Barrow as we would not have anywhere else to shop and people need to support local and come in otherwise, we may not be here in the future."

Her shop has a variety of items on offer to customers with a full range of footwear for all ages such as slippers, dance shoes, school shoes and much more.

It also offers accessories and a good selection of fascinators.

The customer service is where Mrs Scraggs really wins over her clientele as she offers fitting services and generally does all she can to help those who visit the shop with their choices.

Her background of more than 20 years in retail before starting her own venture is what has helped her thrive, but she credits the versatility of the market with her ability to grow so easily.

The market has different size stalls and options for any potential new business and the Portland Crescent resident believes it is an ideal starting point for any new entrepreneur.

"If anyone does want to start a business the market is a great option," she said.

"They have different size stalls and are flexible with what you can do, and it was really beneficial for me.

"I would not go anywhere else now.

"If you want friendly, good quality, local service, then come to Barrow Market Hall."

This is the trademark of the market and is something that is installed in each business in that site, including Discount Footwear and Fascinators.

This former Trader of the Week winner will always go the extra mile for the customer and is always there to give a helping hand. This is why she is urging residents to offer retailers a helping hand now in their time of need by heading down to the market and supporting local business before it is too late.