A BAR’S plea for customers to be kind after staff were sworn at has gone viral.

Boater’s Bar in Bowness shared a ‘heartfelt’ message pleading with customers to be understanding as staff shortages and a huge increase in visitors have led to longer wait times for food.

Marketing, events and communications manager for Boater’s Bar, Olivia Hartley, said that although only a minority of customers are being ‘horrible’, incidents are having a ‘massive impact’ on staff.

“Some customers aren’t being understanding to the point that they’ve sworn at us and at the staff,” she said.

“It’s not very pleasant.

“Only one per cent of customers are horrible, but that one per cent can have a massive impact on staff.

“Particularly when they’re working loads of hours.”

Since then, dozens of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes across the country have shared the bar’s message which was posted on its Facebook page.

Within the statement Ms Hartley wrote: “We have had customers swear and be abusive because they have had to wait for their food.

“We know it can be frustrating but please be patient and understanding with us.

“We are going as fast as we possibly can.”

Ms Hartley said the business’ team had been ‘blown away’ by the response from the public and hospitality industry, with establishments as far away as Cornwall responding to the message.

“We’ve honestly been completely overwhelmed by the response to our recent Facebook post,” she said.

“Seeing a couple of negative reviews about wait times in the bar was really heart-breaking.

“We, and all other hospitality businesses, have been under a huge amount of pressure to spring back into action as if nothing has happened.

“I just wanted to add a little bit of context to the current situation; which includes a huge hospitality staffing crisis, a whole host of new restrictions to adhere to and ensuring our team are all happy and healthy; all whilst dealing with huge influxes of visitors to the area.

“We want our customers to enjoy their visit to us but it’s essential that we enforce the necessary restrictions to keep everybody safe above all else.

“All we ask for is a little understanding in the current climate.

“Our message was posted to serve as a little reminder to exercise patience and kindness.

“It’s lovely to find out that this message is supported by so many people.”