Volunteers are needed to help remove an 'invasive' species across an area of the Lake District.

For the third year running, conservation charity Friends of the Lake District, in partnership with South Cumbria Rivers Trust, is calling for people to help with a mass removal of Himalayan balsalm.

Ruth Kirk, Friends of the Lake District’s landscape engagement officer said: “Over the past two years, a willing army of volunteers have removed hundreds of thousands of these non-native plants.

“The difference is obvious in the areas that we’ve hit hard. But Himalayan balsam is a pesky and persistent blighter; it creeps back again.

“However, bit by bit, each year, we are seeing a good reduction and this allows native species to flourish once more.

“The majority of the work will involve pulling Balsam by hand and breaking the stem at the root. It’s not technical so anyone who’s physically mobile can do it. And it is an immensely satisfying and oddly addictive task.”

Himalayan balsam is an invasive, non-native plant that reproduces rapidly and spreads quickly.

Anyone wanting to get involved can sign up at www.friendsofthelakedistrict.org.uk/Event/fight-the-aliensbig-balsam-bash-2021.