A READER believes Barrow town centre has ‘had its day’ after council chief executive Sam Plum outlined her plans for the area.

With Ms Plum arguing that Barrow needs a strong town centre to attract workers to BAE Systems, one reader believes it is ‘too late’ for any change.

They said: “Charity shops and value-range type shops do not make for a thriving and effervescent town centre. The model of what the town centre is, is already in place.

“Too late to change, it’s already there.”

Another reader said: “Barrow has always been about the shipyard but like all other town centres it’s had its day. Debenhams in the Trafford Centre was huge but full of horrible, overpriced clothes which is why it didn’t survive, so a smaller version in Barrow had no chance.

“Matalan and Next are now following suit. I have had to return so many clothes to them because of not being able to try them on in store and this will be the future of online shopping, just returning goods all day long.”

George Bell said: “The town centre is a mess – the new pavement didn’t help.

“Contractors spend money in the supermarkets, rental and takeaways.

“The world-renowned engineering has reduced, as has the local production of parts.

“Barrow has a lot going for it but the manufacturing base needs rebuilding."

But another reader commented: “Sam’s enthusiasm for the area and her ability to see the chances for change are a breath of real fresh air.

“Too many negative locals with 1950s mentalities – they’re a hindrance to progress.”