A DAUGHTER has paid tribute to her ‘hero’ dad.

Stewart Robinson sadly passed away on 30 April 2021 at the age of 56.

Abigail Cornforth, Stewart’s daughter, has now penned a fitting tribute to the ‘strong’ and ‘determined’ former firefighter.

“He was hard working but also very caring, this nature led him into being accepted as part of Coniston Fire Brigade,” Abigail said.

“He was an asset to the community and was loved by everyone.

“His brown eyes, cheeky grin and marvellous moustache made others smile everyday.

“He was strong, determined and somewhat stubborn right until the very end.

“He was a hero.”

Born and raised in Coniston, Stewart grew up being part of the gymnastics and athletics clubs, darts and cricket teams.

He also had a passion for football too, which enabled him to be selected by a team in the Coniston area.

Stewart and his sister, Helen, attended the local primary and secondary school together.

After leaving school, Stewart started work as a builder and plasterer.

He later became a dry stone waller, which led him working in his final job at South Lakes Housing.

Between his work and sport life, he enjoyed his family’s company.

He first met his late wife Vanessa during their teenage years.

They then moved to Langdale to enjoy life in the mountains.

A hiccup in the relationship brought him back to Coniston where he ended up having children, Abigail and Kyle.

Years passed and he finally reunited with his first love back in Langdale.

He took his step-kids, Tara, Jenna and Anthony, under his wing that had come along in their time apart.

The clan of kids grew from five to six following the birth of their youngest, Lauren.

Later he found his love for golf.

He’d spend most weekends with his mates tearing up the golf course at Carus Green Golf Club in Kendal.

Some good news came in March this year, when Stewart found out he was going to become a grandad.

His face lit up like a Christmas tree and tears rolled down his cheeks with happiness.

He then unfortunately lost his battle in April, he was surrounded by his kids and parents, Pat and John, until his last breath and went peacefully at home.