A SCHOOL has paid its own special tribute to a dedicated teacher of 27 years who died after battling cancer.

Pupils and staff members from South Walney Infant and Nursery School said their final farewell to teacher Jane Thompson, who died of a rare form of cancer.

The 50-year-old leaves behind her husband Alaric Thompson and their 12-year-old son Edward.

Mrs Thompson taught at South Walney for 27 years and was described by her colleagues as an ‘outstanding and dedicated teacher’.

In commemoration of her life, the school decorated the railings with vibrant colours as the funeral procession drove past on Monday.

Becs Ensoll, headteacher at South Walney Infant and Nursery School, said it was an honour to work alongside Mrs Thompson.

She said: “Jane was a huge part of our school community.

“She was larger than life with an amazing sense of humour and the staff room often shook with laughter when Jane was regaling us with one of her stories.

“She was an outstanding teacher and a wonderful friend.

“She was always able to think of creative ways of engaging the children -whether this be playing the piano with various body parts or finding innovative ways to teach a tricky problem in maths.

“The children always came first and Jane always had excellent knowledge of her class and the school as a whole.

“We miss Jane terribly but it was an honour to work with such a dedicated colleague.”

Mrs Thompson’s husband of 14 years described her as an ‘amazing person’ who ‘lit up a room’.

He said: “She was just amazing, she was so bubbly, caring and lovely. She lit up a room when she walked in.

“She also had a wicked sense of humour. She was very close to her family and had some very close friends and colleagues.

"She’s done such a lot of good work teaching but Edward is her real legacy. They were incredibly close. Her legacy is also the impact she has made on so many children in Walney over 27 years. She’s leaving a big hole.”