A CUMBRIAN road has been named in the top 10 most dangerous roads for young drivers.

The A595 was ranked tenth for collision density by The AA as it released its rural roads research (2013-18).

There were 116 crashes on the A595 in 2019, 31 per cent of which involving young drivers.

Three deaths were also recorded in 2019.

Top 10 most dangerous rural roads for young drivers (collision density):

1. A229 in Kent

2. A2 in Kent

3. A3 in Surrey

4. A1 in Hertfordshire

5. A243 in Surrey

6. A414 in Hertfordshire

7. A1 in Wakefield

8. A322 in Surrey

9. A249 in Kent

10. A595 in Cumbria

The research shows young drivers (aged 17-to-24) are over-represented in rural crashes by 9 per cent, relative to all roads.Young drivers are also at a higher risk of a single vehicle collision on rural roads.