"THE most important thing is that those elected now work hard for their respective wards."

That was the message from a member of the public after the results of two by-elections held for vacant seats on Barrow Borough Council were revealed.

Residents of two wards - Hindpool and Roosecote - went to the polls on Thursday to decide who they wished to represent them on the council.

Jo Tyson of Labour won in Hindpool while Jay Zaccarini of the Conservatives won in Roosecote.

Mail readers had their say after seeing the news.

Ray Guselli said: "The most important thing is that those elected now work hard for their respective wards and try to bring about whatever improvements they can and to best represent the many constituents, who may need their help over the term of their office."

Gail Yates said: "22 per cent turnout for Hindpool and 40 per cent turnout for Roosecote.

"Most people I know have given up due to not really much difference between Conservatives and Labour."

Jane Wells said: "They couldn't be bothered to campaign so I couldn't be bothered to vote!"

On the article itself, a user named 'MadMax1' said: "[Roosecote] won by a kid without the foggiest notion of what a struggle life is for the masses."

Progress4all said: "Congratulations to both Jo and Jay on their wins.

"Perhaps Jay is the enlightened future of Barrow so much needed.

"So sad the likes of Max should insult the voters of Roose to make a political point and prefers levelling down rather than aspiration."

Donna Zaccarini said: "The Roose candidate was campaigning for weeks speaking to lots of residents, well done everyone."

Mary Kite said: "Donna Zaccarini, the Roose candidate? Actually, the other was too so that would be 'the Roose candidates'."

Donna Zaccarini said: "Mary Kite, that's very true, all candidates worked hard."