BOTH Labour and the Conservatives have new councillors as the results of two by-elections to fill vacant seats on Barrow Borough Council.

Residents of two wards in Barrow – Hindpool and Roosecote – went to the polls on Thursday to decide who they wished to represent them on the council.

Nineteen-year-old Jay Zaccarini won in Roosecote for the Conservatives and was thrilled at his result.

He said: "As you can imagine, I am quite proud of myself to have done this at such a young age, to be backed by the residents of Roosecote.

“I really care about my community and my town.

"It's quite a historic result as people want to see a change in the council. Young people are the future of the town. I am overwhelmed.

“I will be thinking about which committees that I will be joining. I will definitely be wanting to get involved and I am looking forward to my first surgery, and introduce myself to all voters, not just Conservatives, and see what issues they want to focus on going forward.”

Jo Tyson, the winning Labour Party candidate for Hindpool, was equally delighted.

She said: “It was a good win, considering the national picture. I can have a rest now after several weeks campaigning then it all starts up.

"I will look at what skills I have to take into committees.

"This win won't change my life in that I do give time to charities and activities on a voluntary basis so being a councillor just formalises the work I do.

“We are putting plans in pace for safe surgeries while the Covid restrictions are in place.”

The count was carried out at Barrow Town Hall.


Niyall Phillips, Conservative – 359.

Jo Tyson, Labour – 600.

Spoiled ballot papers – 5.

Turnout – 22.88 per cent.


Paul Griffiths, Labour – 564.

Jay Zaccarini, Conservative – 881.

Spoiled ballot papers – 10.

Turnout – 37.22 per cent.