READERS have given their thoughts on a new free app which is set to launch in the coming weeks.

Table In Furness is a new table booking service for Furness which will allow people to go onto an app and find all the available table reservations for the date, time and number of people they require.

Laura Jane Bradbury said: "Might be a great idea for the people but not for the restaurants who have to pay for your booking even if it's over the phone.

"Just for the restaurant to book off that table in the app. Personally my view is that it's not lucrative for the hospitality business..If the charge went to the people then it would be a good idea."

Tom McNeil said: "Laura Jane Bradbury make money off sponsorships on the app maybe instead of from the restaurants kinda like Facebook does."

Jayne Smith said: "Great idea, I will be trying this! Good luck guys."

Joy Morrison said: "Excellent idea. Best of luck. I will be using."

David Hughes said: "Another cost for hospitality to pay. Just phone the establishment."

Dee Humphryes said: "Fantastic idea."

Debbie Grundill said: "I’ll be using this."

Debbie Walker said: "Great idea guys good luck!"

Mary Kite said: "Just phone the place you want to go! Really don’t understand why they say it’s tricky to find somewhere to eat!"

Michelle Gunter said: "Great idea."

Phil Rhodes said: "Just phone the place you want to go to, no need for another app. There's too many doing the same thing."#

Hughie Corr said: "Great idea."