GREENGATE Junior School pupils have been getting involved in the fight against climate change.

The pupils in Year 6 were visited by renewable energy company Orsted who ran the environmental workshop.

The children learned about green energy, climate change and what life is like working as a renewable energy technician on the offshore windfarm.

Year 6 teacher Sara Hill said: “The Orsted workshop for Year 6 was super.

“The children were really interested in finding out about what it’s like to work as an Orsted Technician and asked lots of questions.”

The workshop was organised through the Orsted STEM representatives, a programme which aims to raise the profile of science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects in schools.

Orsted representatives Leah and Dave gave the children demonstrations showing the equipment needed to perform essential turbine technician duties and explained about the journey electricity takes from being generated offshore to arriving in our homes.

Orsted say: “The Orsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy.

“We are passionate about supporting skills, education and the future of the offshore wind industry in the UK.

“We want to create a world that runs entirely on green energy, and today's children will play a key role in realising this transformation.

"We’re committed to renewable energy, enabling people, businesses and communities to lever its potential without having to worry about causing a negative environmental impact or limiting the opportunities of future generations."

As part of the workshop, the children got to put their engineering skills to the test as they were tasked with building their own wind turbines.

Mrs Hill said: “Building the model turbines was challenging but they were all supported brilliantly and succeeded in the task.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it was finished off with goody bags and the school being allowed to keep one of the turbines.

“It was a very fun and informative afternoon.”

"Year 6 worked really hard to complete the challenges they were set. I was so proud of their problem solving and teamwork skills.

Orsted are a world-leading sustainable energy company and their Walney Extension is located 19km west of Barrow-in-Furness in the Irish Sea.

The project was inaugurated n 2018 and powers around 600,000 homes each year.

Once the largest wind farm in the world, it was overtaken in 2020 by Hornsea Wind Farm off the North-East coast of England.

The renewable energy company are investing £15 million in social and environmental projects for the 25-year lifetime of the Walney Extension project.

The fund sees £600,000 invested every year to support various projects in the local area.

£100,000 of the money is focused on increasing the uptake of science and engineering subjects in the fund’s benefit area.