A NEW community project is looking to restore a 100-year-old clock in Barrow.

Roose Community Primary School’s memorial clock is not currently working – but Paul Griffiths is looking to change that.

He said: “I’ve walked down for years with my dog and noticed that clock only intermittently seems to move, and it would be lovely to get that working again.

“There is such a nice historic feel to it.

“It is a lovely project that I hope we can see through.”

The World War One memorial clock also has a plaque, honouring the Roose residents who fought during the war.

It has a personal touch to Mr Griffiths. His great-uncle is one of the names on the plaque and he reminisced how his grandma always reminded him about it.

“I have always walked past it with that affinity to from the history side,” he began.

“I spent a lot of my childhood there as my grandma lived nearby. She always talked about my great-uncle’s name being on the plaque.”

After consulting with the school’s headteacher Jenny Redhead, who has given the green light, Dave Burns from The Clock Works in Ulverston will be heading down on Friday, May 7.

Mr Burns restored the clock during the 1980s and again in 2010 alongside apprentices from BAE Systems.

He is now looking to fix it again free of charge

However, Mr Burns has warned that the repairs could require scaffolding and outside funding, but residents have already offered to help out, says Mr Griffiths.

There was also a touch of coincidence with the project, as it officially launched on its 100-year anniversary.

Mr Griffiths remarked: “It was just pure luck that we have started this exactly 100 years after it was unveiled.

“I think there is a keen interest from the community and it is right behind the project.

“We have already had people offering scaffolding if we need it.”