READERS have reacted after the news that Barrow councillor Ben Shirley is stepping up his fight to tackle dog fouling in the town.

Boring10 said: "Best if dogs were kept on leads then you can see where they doing it though dogs were supposed to be on lead the law."

Bob Down said: "Although well intended, it`s hardly "tough action" having Maria from Streetcare offering out free poo bags and having a polite chat to dog walkers.

"She has been "patrolling" Barrow park along with the warden for a couple of hours over recent weeks. As soon as she is out of sight, the dogs are straight off lead again and the dog walkers all warning each other of her presence.

"Needs fines to be issued if there is to be any change.As soon as a few are fined, word will spread fast. No consequences equals no change in behaviours.

Furness Abbot said: "Try the dog poo slalom course through Little Fields."

Boring 10 said: "Put notices up every where dogs must be kept on lead."

Monkey Gland said: "Come to the lane behind Butts Beck. Its a right haven.

"Irresponsible dog owners everyday. Dogs run up there five minutes before their owners get there!

"Despicable people who should not have dogs as pets."

Nondumvetus said: "If the fouling is picked-up at all, it is then usually dropped over walls or flung into bushes and hedges.

"We need some form of enforcement as the irresponsible minority are tainting the responsible majority."