Which beer garden have you been happy to get back to?

Now that people can be together once again, these are places you could visit.

1. The Wellington

The Dalton pub located on Market Street has welcomed back the public and has high ratings online.

Stacy Singleton said: “The Wellington in Dalton. Great pub.”

2. The Strawberry

The five-star rated pub located on Abbey Road in Barrow has been picked as one of the pubs the public have been excited to get back for their first proper pints since the pubs closed.

Tom Ashton said: “I’ve been to the Berry and it was decent.”

3. Barrow Raiders beer garden

The beer garden set up on the pitch of the Barrow club’s Craven Park has seen a wave of customers coming down for a drink since the restrictions were lifted.

Jonny Fallon said: “Barrow Raiders beer garden. Love it.”

4. The Brown Cow

The Dalton located on pub on Goose Green, is five-star rated and has welcomed the public back with open arms.

Therese Assouad said: “The Brown Cow. Great place.”

5. The Bay Horse Hotel & Restaurant

Ulverston’s popular hotel which is temporarily closed but has many people eagerly awaiting its return.

Shane Major said: “Can’t wait for the Bay Horse to reopen.”

6. The King’s Arms

Dalton Road’s four star rated public house has found many of its regulars returning to its beer garden when Covid restrictions were lifted.

Brian Gregory said: “The King’s on Dalton Road is a good one.”

7. The Furness Railway - JD Wetherspoon

The very popular Wetherspoons bar located on Barrow’s Abbey Road which has seen a very successful return to form since they were allowed to reopen their beer garden.

James McBride said: “Couldn’t wait to get back to Spoons in Barrow. Great pints in there.”

8. The Albion Hotel

Another one of Barrow's highly rated pubs which has been praised for serving excellent beer, providing a friendly atmosphere, and ensuring that the Covid rules are abided by since the beer gardens reopened.

Michael Colton said: “Loved my last pint at The Albion Hotel.”

9. The Farmers

A successful Ulverston public house which was eager to bring customers back after the restrictions were eased to allow beer gardens to reopen.

Malcolm Brunts said: "The Farmers in Ulverston. So happy that is back open now."

10. The Mortal Man

The Troutbeck pub located near Windermere has welcomed the public back, and its owners, of 12 years, are looking forward to bringing back some of its older events such as music festivals and poetry nights when restrictions are eased again in the coming months.

Peter Mannering said: "The Mortal Man. So happy it's back open again."