NEARLY six tons of waste was collected by Barrow Borough Council across two days this week.

During a spring clean of estates, the council's housing department picked up 5760kg of waste whilst out in Barrow.

This equates to 5.7 tons.

Housing staff and the council's Mobile Caretaking Unit alongside the Streetcare, Parks & Gardens and FCC teams took part in the effort.

They were also joined by the mayor, Kevin Hamilton, who is the councillor for Risedale.

The team went out clearing up litter and removing fly-tipping.

Organiser of the event, Operations Manager, Caroline Wagstaff hopes this project will appeal to residents.

She said: “Litter and fly-tipping is unsightly and we hope by coming together and clearing these areas this raises awareness of our collective responsibility to help keep our estates clean, and to enhance pride in the area.“