The home of one of Ulverston's most famous sons, Stan Laurel, is being put up for sale.

The family of the homeowner are thought to be searching for a fan of the comedy legend to buy the property.

Mr Laurel, one half of double act Laurel and Hardy, was born in the house, at number 3 Argyle Street, on June 16 1890.

A plaque stating that fact sits proudly on the front of the property.

The home is owned by Mabel Radcliffe, who is moving out of the house aged 102.

The owner's son is hoping the property will pass into the hands of a fan of the duo and contacted American fan group Sons of the Desert with details of the sale.

In a letter published by the group, he said: "It has always been mother's avowed wish that, when the time came to sell, her house should be sold to a true fan of Laurel and Hardy who could appreciate the history.

"I will, therefore, be making tentative approaches to a few visitors to the house over the years who have expressed a wish to purchase the property with a view to discovering, primarily, their intentions for the property and to receive offers.

"I realise this must seem very mercenary, but leaving the house to empty decay would not be a fitting tribute to a genius of early cinema, and I can think of no greater fans than the Sons of the Desert."

Visitors from all over the world have called at the three-bedroom terraced property, including two visits from Stan's daughter, Lois, from America.

Mrs Radcliffe previous had plans to sell the house in 2001.

It was then on the market for around £60,000.

At the time Mrs Radcliffe said she had received offers that had not met the asking price and did not sell the property.

The house was said to have belonged to Mr Laurel's grandparents.

He died aged 74 in 1965 and had his ashes interred at a Los Angeles cemetery.