A VOLUNTEER clean-up crew removed 40 bin bags of litter from Dalton in a bid to instil pride in the community.

Volunteers from Dalton Community Clean-Up collected a variety of discarded rubbish, including cooking utensils, glass, beer cans and finishing gear in the Gill Dub area.

The group was the brainchild of video game developer Tyrone Anderson, 28. He said: "It's something I think a number of people wanted to do to combat a sense of frustration against the litter problem that is growing heavily in Dalton and the area around.

"I reached out to the community on Facebook and said this is more than I can handle on my own, as I often go litter-picking on my own, but it was more than a single person can handle."

He soon banded together a team of volunteers who will be targeting litter once a month, bringing beauty back to the area.

He said: "We are going to go out once a month and clean-up natural landscapes in our community and just show the Furness area the love that it deserves.

"We have become a group of almost 50 people and it is growing rapidly.

"We had people seeing what we were doing and coming up and thanking us saying it had been needed to be done for some time, and said when it is your next trip how do I sign up?"

"When you try to explain to people why this is a place worth looking after they don't see it, but when people see you looking after your home and taking care of it they start to see through that example. And when people see this mountain of rubbish, they think to themselves well if everyone else is doing it why not, and that's when it becomes normalised and out of control."

Praising volunteers he said: "Everyone was stuck in, hands on, and showed no hesitation or fear. It was absolutely wonderful to have that sense of community from people who had only really met each other that day."