Parents are being warned to remain 'extra vigilant' after a razor blade was found on a play park slide.

Askam's play park will be checked daily 'for the foreseeable future' after a razor blade was discovered yesterday morning on the slide, a councillor has revealed.

Councillor Ben Shirley, who represents Askam on Barrow Council, urged parents to be 'extra vigilant' in a social media post shared online.

The councillor described the discovery as a 'sad fact of life' and is calling on parents to inspect equipment in play parks – especially the slides and hidden areas.

He said: "It has been brought to my attention that a razor blade has this morning been found and removed from the slide at Askam play park.

"I want to thank Marie Richards and the parks department at Barrow Council for their quick intervention with this.

"The council inspects all council-owned parks every week for precisely this reason.

"Thank goodness they checked Askam’s park yesterday morning.

"Please be extra vigilant when you are at the park with your children.

"Please ensure that you inspect the equipment, especially the slides and hidden areas.

"Please share this message so that as many parents as possible are aware.

"Do be reassured, Askam’s park will be checked daily for the foreseeable future."

Cllr Shirley is reassuring parents that 'parks are safe' but is warning parents to be vigilant after the incident.

He said: "Our parks are safe, thanks to the great work of the parks team who inspect them weekly as a routine.

"But please be extra vigilant.

"Not all parks are owned by Barrow Council, and might not be subject to the same frequent checks.

"What a sad fact of life that nebulous acts like this are happening in our community."

Residents have raised concern about the find, branding it 'sickening'.

One concerned resident said: "There is no limit how low people will go. Disgusting. Thank goodness it was discovered before a child was injured."

Another said: "I can't believe someone would do that, shocking. I hope it was taken out with gloves on and sent to police for finger printing."

Another added: "I would have hated anyone to have gone down this slide with that blade there. It doesn't bear thinking about. Glad it was found quickly."