I’m left wondering, as hundreds of young women now take to the streets, why on earth we have spent weeks obeying lockdown when anyone with strong views or a bout of boredom feels that it’s their right to flout the rules?

Any excuse to go out and demonstrate it seems, or hold a party or a rave – or a snowball fight for heavens sake.

How incredibly selfish.

My heart goes out to anyone who loses someone needlessly – to murder, but also to Covid.

Death is death, it causes just as much misery however it happens, and we would all like to feel safe on the streets.

Now the police are being blamed for simply doing their job. Unbelievable.

Cressida Dick is damned whatever she does, and she certainly doesn’t deserve to lose her job.

There has been and always will be raving lunatics and frustrated sex maniacs, whatever steps the government may take. Unfortunately that’s the way the world works and has done for centuries.

May I recommend you take a tip from my 99-year-old mother, Ada. When she was approached by an unwanted male well over 60 years ago, who took the liberty of fondling her bosom from behind, she stubbed her cigarette out on his hand. He didn’t bother her again.

Arm yourselves with a pepper spray, personal alarm, or anything else that you may deem legal and appropriate. I do.

The world has gone mad, instead of hanging proven murderers we pop them in to prison with a paltry sentence, a pat on the head, and a colour telly, costing you, the tax payer, around £60,000 a year per ne’er do well.

We mollycoddle criminals, murderers and those who disobey the law, and now vilify those who are trying to keep us safe.

Personally I and many of our friends wish that we were young enough to emigrate to a country where common sense abounds. Singapore possibly, where the murder rate is about 75% less than it here (you would understand why if you took to google).We would leave tomorrow.