Cumbria’s workplaces have been busier during the current lockdown than last spring.

Google uses location data from phones and other personal devices to track trends in people’s movement in different areas of their daily lives, including where they work.

It shows average activity in workplaces in Cumbria over six weeks between January 5 and February 15 was 44% lower than during a five-week baseline period recorded before the pandemic. But this was a rise on the average of 64% below normal between March 24 and May 4.

The Google data shows how footfall in Cumbrian workplaces has differed across almost a full year of Covid restrictions.

Between the start of the first UK lockdown and mid-February, the busiest a working day got was just 21% below usual the baseline – hitting this level on three days. By contrast, the quietest weekday activity over this time – outside of bank holidays – was 70% below normal, which happened on two days.