ORGANISERS of a popular event have announced that it will not be going ahead this year.

The Cumbria Steam Gathering will not be running in 2021, with organisers saying they had 'no option' but to cancel.

The event is usually held at Cark Airfield, near Grange.

In a post on social media, organisers said: "Well Folks, we had a meeting today a few of the committee got together in a safe location to try and decide if we could possibly run The Cumbria Steam Gathering in 2021, sadly after considering all our options, and studying the current rules which could change at any time for the worst, we have also had to consider all the variations in the rules that we would have to enforce, at great expense to the society we dare not take the risk and we were also unsure if we can trust people to act responsibly, especially in the bar areas of an evening.

"Very sad but I expect most of you were expecting this already, so all entries received last year and the ones received this year will carry over until next year, very sorry about this, but all things considered we had no other real option."