THE Mail readers have told us why they deserve a free Burger King meal once the new restaurant in Barrow opens this month.

Sarah Jayne said: “I would love to win because my son has yet to have a Burger King and I would love for him to try one!”

Les Mcleese said: “Dave Huitson Jnr is the biggest Burger King fan. He's been doing Barrow’s head in over the years asking people to get him one if they are travelling on the motorway. Please help all his friends' sanity out and to stop his constant posts about Burger King.”

Courtney Humphryes said: “Brad Hill should win because he thinks Burger King is better than McDonald’s.”

Hayley Wilson said: “Cher Buzzacott – we should win one just because we love food.”

Rebecca Palfreyman said: “Because I’m pregnant and greedy and can’t stop eating for the life of me.”

Bradley Bibby said: “My friend Bradley Moncur deserves this as he has worked throughout lockdown and also working outside in freezing conditions.”

Mindy Phillips said: “I would love to win this because I have been on a diet since start of lockdown and need calories! Plus I love Burger King and have missed my road trips down the M6 for one.”

Kevin M Robinson said: “McDonald’s and KFC are not as good as Burger King.”

Lee Burton said: “I nominate Lee Wallis because it was his dream to work for Burger King when he was a young 19-year-old and he had that dream cruelly snatched away when the first Burger King departed from Barrow.”