Readers have reacted angrily after a teenager was thrown off his bike after hitting a pothole which was inches deep.

Fifteen-year-old Toby Wheatcroft was left with cuts and bruises after the incident on Back O’ the Fell Road in Grange-over-Sands.

The teen was ‘shaken up’ afterwards, according to dad Dave Wheatcroft, and had to fork out £180 to repair the damaged bike.

Adam David Parkinson said: “Unfortunately that road is not classed as a priority route so I can’t see the council repairing it with any urgency to be quite honest.

“However the article does highlight the shocking state of the roads in the county.”

Bob Lippett said: “The potholes on Mill Lane, Walney are terrible.”

Sharon Turner said: “They are bad all over Dalton is the same.”

Marilyn Louise Dacre said: “Potholes terrible on Barrow Island.”

Rachel Brown Buckley said “Loads down our lane.

“Filled biggest just over a week ago and it’s breaking up again.”

Leanne Longmire said: “The ones in Asda/Home Bargains car park are ridiculous.”

Eileen Wearing said: “Thompson Street has a crater. Complete disgrace.”

Ayse Adele Silver said: “They're bad in places in Ormsgill and Hawcoat too.

“I thought this is what us drivers pay car tax for to keep the roads in better condition?”

Jonathan Wheeler said: “Nope.

“Contrary to popular belief, road tax doesn’t actually pay for our roads.

"Our local and general tax pays for our roads, and the money we pay in road tax goes into the consolidation fund.”

Cumbria County Council's transport chief apologised and pledged to look into sorting the issue.