AFTER a string of tragic deaths caused by Avian Flu at Ulverston Canal, bird enthusiasts are delighted at the return of birds to the water.

The Mail reported several swans had died as a result of the illness back in November.

But now a group of adult swans and two cygnets have settled in the water and are being kept under the watchful eye of Ulverston’s ‘swan lady’ Caroline Sim, who tends to them twice a day.

She said: “There was a terrible vacuum with 16 dead and to our joy the flock that hang out on the bay came in. I think people feel a little less awful now rather than coming down the canal and not seeing any swans, and it being a reminder that so many had died.

“We have not had a loss for four weeks.

“I’ve worked really hard and have gone down every morning and every evening, and I have learnt to identify the very early symptoms of flu to knock it on the head.

“I had some that were not eating at all but they were alive so I put them on maggots which they just cannot resist and it has restored their appetite.

“They had just been coming over to me and just not eating any food.

“Keeping them fed morning and evening has helped their immune systems through this really cold phase.

“Loads of people have donated sacks of corn.

“Every day is a victory. I’d rather be going down twice a day while dodging cars and dogs off the lead than picking up dead birds.”