'For too long Barrow has felt the impact of drugs,' - that was the view of the county's Police and Crime Commissioner. 

Following a week-long crackdown on drug dealing, which resulted in multiple arrests Peter McCall described the involvement of teenagers as ‘tragic’.

Nine arrests were made last week on drug related charges in Barrow, with the youngest person being 16-years-old.

On February 16, two men and a 16-year-old youth, all from Barrow, were arrested on drugs supply offences.

They were all been released pending investigation.

Mr McCall said: “I welcome the arrest of anyone caught dealing drugs in Cumbria and the arrests in Barrow last week are evidence of detailed and painstaking work on the part of the Police to deal with the scourge of drugs.

“For too long the people of Barrow have felt the impact of this awful business which trades on the vulnerable and often young people who become trapped into a downward spiral towards addiction and with that, they are often drawn into crime to fund their habit.

REACT: It is tragic says Peter McCall following arrest of 16 year old

REACT: 'It is tragic' says Peter McCall following arrest of 16 year old

“All the time the dealers at the top end of the chain make huge amounts of money out of the misery they cause.

“Cumbria Police have seen huge success in the last couple of years in bringing dealers before the courts and there will be no let up, Cumbria and Barrow will not be an easy place for them to deal and sell drugs.

“It is tragic when we see young people as young as 16 becoming involved in dealing drugs and we do need to do more as a society to divert them from being drawn in.

“The responsibility for this lies with us all, starting with parents, education, community leaders, the third sector and of course the police.

“That is why much of the money I’m able to put back into the county through the Property Fund is targeted at youth activities from Mini Police, Cadets, sports groups and activities and projects which help them to get together in a structured organisation with strong values.

“I believe we all have a role in mentoring young people, providing safe places where they can see positive role models, develop and grow their own skills and aspire to more than getting involved in drugs and crime.

“There are no easy answers, but we have to work together as communities to give our young people the best chance for their own futures.”